I've been saving my pennies and waiting for the right meal to spend them on, and by golly this was the place for spending them. The Gallery at Sketch. The meeting of art and dining dovetails beautifully in the entirely pink interior lined with hundreds of pieces of art created especially for the restaurant by David Shrigley. The framed pictures encapsulate Shrigley's risible style but the highlight had to be the ceramic tablewear making the whole experience quite playful.   

To start, I chose a risotto which could either be ordered as a starter or main. It worked well to kick off the meal as it was, inevitably, quite rich with the creamy Gorgonzola. Although saying that I'm sure I'd polish it off as a main. 

Arborio risotto with gorgonzola, sliced pear in Marsala wine

The parsnip velouté with black truffle, soft egg yolk looked a bit like posh baby food and was a perfect combination of smooth and velvety. The waiter delivered the plate with a detailed explanation that the egg had been cooked at a specific temperature (I want to say 63 degrees?) so that the yolk and white were exactly the same consistency! 

The mains were delightful and rich with flavour. The pork fillet melted in the mouth but had a thin potato disc to provide some crunch. There was also a refreshing chicory salad to balance out the intense black pudding and brandy cream sauce.

Filet mignon of Duroc farmhouse pig with sage, black pudding and brandy cream, pig’s ear

Gratin Dauphinois

Chicory salad

The sirloin was lovely a rare in the centre although cooled down quite quickly. The sprouts were smoky and had some bite to them but the best part of the dish had to be the truffled chestnut cream. There was only a small amount on the plate but it had such depth of flavour there needn't be much of it. Another nice touch was that the accompanying sauce came in a jug which said 'THE TRUTH'. Quite.

Pan-fried ‘Txogitxu’ Galician sirloin, truffled chestnut cream, crunchy white cabbage

Yep, dessert happened. I shied away from the chocolate options, which is a bit uncharacteristic, but I'm pleased I did. Instead I ordered (and devoured) a sweet, fruity, colourful and refreshing dish to end the meal. There was also the option to pair a chosen dish with a dessert wine recommended by the sommelier.

La Rochelle Selection of three seasonal sorbets, meringue Mikado, fresh fruits

A fitting end to a glorious meal

It's worth visiting Sketch, whether it's to eat at The Gallery or one of the other restaurants/bars The Parlour or Lecture Room to be involved in the experience of art and dining. Or just simply to have fun with food. And maybe even the loos...hear me out. You must have heard about the white egg pod cubicles underneath a ceiling of brightly coloured squares, right? No? Well google it an then go visit.

       A sample of the art work plastering the walls.

More table wear displayed with prices in a cabinet 
as you enter the restaurant in case you wanted to own any yourself. 

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