Brixton Village: A Taster

[Originally written in 2013]

The charm and appeal of Brixton Market with its local shops and eateries in recent years causing a stir in the now named Brixton Village. However, rises in rent costs of the Granville Arcade mean some retailers and restaurants are under threat of closing.

As well as the market combining a wonderful hodgepodge of vintage shops, grocers, cash and carry, streetfood vans, fish market stalls (and a guy selling crammed stacks of reggae CDs from a tiny whole in a brick wall), Brixton Village is home to some wonderful cafes and restaurants of various cuisines, from American to Spanish to Chinese, such as Mama Lan's corner cafe selling Beijing inspired dumplings. (The pork ones are particularly worth ordering. They quite literally burst with juicy flavour when you bite into them).

You probably already know that Brixton is an exciting place to eat some incredible food at reasonable prices. If you don't, then this is simply a taster to whet your appetite. It' mostly photos to be honest...and speaking of honesty, let's start with burgers.

One place which proves to be a favourite among visitors is Honest Burgers. This restaurant (both in Brixton and Soho) has had much acclaim and rightly so. The simple menu offering a few topping options is all that is needed for the soft meaty goodness in the toasted glazed soft bun.

And the coleslaw, (my God, the coleslaw!) is a creamy, crunchy delight with sprinklings of dill.

Bukowski charcoal grill. 

 Steak sandwich

Chicano pulled pork burger. Yep, part of the 2013 pulled pork bandwagon, but doing it oh so well.

Triple cooked chips and Waldorf coleslaw.

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