Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen

Although I'm a big fan of meat, the meal I had at Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen in Bath was a strong contender to sway me to give it up. The way flavour is held in the dishes is so satisfying it's hard to believe it's healthy. The ingredients are locally sourced, skilfully cooked and presented beautifully. An absolute treat! 

Carrot & Cashew Paté with pickles, salad & spelt crisps

Roast Cauliflower with cauliflower cous cous, 

candied hazelnuts & lemon gel. 

Of the starters we chose the paté stood out by far. Size definitely doesn't matter when it tastes that good. The cauliflower dish tasted as good as it looks. The lemon gel was a nice touch to make it more refreshing and break up the earthy flavour of the cauliflower. 

Smoked Field Mushroom glazed in rich mushroom demi-glace, 

with potato gallette, salt baked celeriac purée & market greens

I samples some of the mushroom dish above. The potato gallette was cooked in such a way it could've passed for a serving of pork belly with a thin layer of crackling. (With a bit of imagination anyway).

Castle Farm Pumpkin with Almonds: pressed organic pumpkin 

with garlic & sage, celeriac and brussel sprouts cooked in 

almond milk, smoked almond butter & pickled mustard

Flippin' heck, this was glorious. So many flavours happening but working well together. The pumpkin was a hearty, creamy centre piece, the sprouts and the pearl barley bringing crunchy earthy tones while the pickled mustard injected sharp bursts of enjoyment for the taste buds.

Poached Rhubarb with thyme meringue, pannacotta, spiced gel & rhubarb sorbet 

Salted chocolate tart with peanut butter sorbet.

The desserts didn't hold back on flavour either. The pannacotta was refreshing and the rhubarb was poached well. In keeping with normal proceedings I ordered a chocolate dish, and it was delicious. The peanut butter sorbet was such an inspired and perfect accompaniment! A big fat YES for this one. 

I would like to apologise for the almost fire that broke out when a serviette had a dispute with the candle on the table. Totally unnecessary behaviour. But thank you to the waiter who expertly put out the flames and diffused the situation. (Sorry). 

The result of the dispute.

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