First stop...Waterloo

As the first post away from home, I happened to visit somewhere with an air of familiarity. Waterloo, London -> Waterloo Gardens Teahouse in Roath, Cardiff. Most Cardiffians will know about this teahouse and probably adore it for the friendly, laid back but proficient attitude. 

The menu comprises an impressive selection of black, green, white, fruit, oolong, rooibos and puerh teas. We ordered pots of the vanilla black tea, jasmine pearl green tea and, as it's approaching Christmas, a pot of Waterloo Christmas tea was a must.

Jasmine pearl organic green tea

Waterloo Christmas black tea: lemon & orange peel and cinnamon 

The barista explained how long to wait for the best brewing results for each tea when he served the colourful individual pots of tea and matching cups. Said cups are in the style of Chinese teacups: sans handle with a lip around the edge. You can probably pour three cups per teapot which is ideal for about £3.00 a pot. 

The cakes were also unbelievably good. Generous chunky portions but very light sponges. Most if not all of their cakes are gluten free and vegan options are available on request. The pistachio and rose loaf was surprisingly moist with the occasional burst of lemon juice coming through.

 Pistachio & rose loaf cake

The elderflower and gooseberry cake was pretty sizeable with sweet and light whipped cream sandwiched between fluffy sponge. Bliss.

 Vanilla black tea with elderflower & gooseberry cake

Waterloo Gardens Teahouse have a real community spirit and embrace local craft and art by displaying local artists' work as well as donating commissions to The Global Fund.

If you're not one for tea, coffee is given as much attention and you can order lunch too. As for my visit, when it hit 4pm the place filled up with people enjoying a hefty Afternoon Tea. It's no secret that I am a BIG fan of Afternoon Teas, therefore I shall be heading back there to devour the plentiful treats! I've also heard that around Christmas time last year they had a harpist in the house(!) and they might be making another appearance this year which would be a lovely touch.

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  1. Good place to stumble across first! You've got to love afternoon tea!