Hello Stranger...

First of all, I'd like to apologise for the lack of posts recently. Poor form, I agree. But I have a (valid) reason...

In September I moved to Cardiff to pursue a new career and have gone back to University to train as an Optometrist. (A huge jump from being a radio producer!!) Which means two things for this here blog.

1. I won't be able to post many reviews about the wonderful eateries to seek out in London. Because, frankly, I won't be able to afford it as a student...*sniff sniff* *gets violin out*

and b. Although I've moved, I'm going to get involved in hunting down great places to eat and drink in Cardiff on a budget and share tips/recipes for cooking cheap meals. Essentially my Bargain Bite feature but in Cardiff!

So if you're already in The 'Diff, or plan to visit, you'll get an idea of where and what is worth spending your £££ on.

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