Bargain Bite: Bi Bim Bap

Bargain Bite!

Each month I'm gonna aim to recommend a place to eat or get a treat for a bargain price! I guess last month's can be The Tea House and this month it's Bi Bim Bap in Soho.

This Korean restaurant is very modest about what's on the menu. The main feature is their dol sot dishes - the ingredients are put into a stone pot (or dol sot) and served that way. You then mix together the ingredients (depending on which dish you order) with some chopsticks or a spoon.

Chilli Chicken Dol Sot

As you eat the heat of the pot keeps cooking away merrily and sizzles, keeping everything piping hot!

Dol Sot with Egg

The dishes start at around £5.95 and go up to about £7. The pots of tea are just £1, and starters or sides average at £4. Service is quick but it takes a while to eat the hefty portions seeing as they don't cool down in the stone pot.

Green and Oolong teas

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